Monday, December 8, 2014

2015 Horse Camp THEME NIGHTS

Let the Branding Party commence!  We know this is Horse Camp and you are probably already bringing your boots and even a cowboy hat, but let's kick it up a notch.  This is the night for you to go all out COWGIRL style!  Bring on the chaps, pearl snap shirts, bandanas, braids, maybe even some freckles on your cheeks, and a southern accent!

MOVIE MANIA is just what it sounds like!  Come dressed as your favorite movie character (ex: Elsa, Katniss, Peter Pan, a minion, or maybe even a boxtroll.  Be creative and get ready to be "in character" all night for the laughter and fun will be endless!

If you haven't signed up for Horse Camp yet, check out the details here!

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