Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So Long Sweet Summer

Summer 2014 has finally come to a close and what a summer it was!  Through the Holy Spirit and incredible staff, over 200 campers were ministered to through our programs.  

Praise the Lord!

Base Camp has one year under its belt!  The Lord was so faithful in every aspect of the program.  Base Camp ran for one great week and the Lord provided 42 campers (individual campers and Grace Chapel of the Coast brought their youth group)!  Base Camp's theme this year was Rise Up with the concept of mountaineering behind it with the summit being a right relationship with the Lord.  Campers grew tremendously in their relationships with God and some came to REALLY know him for the first time!  Rodeo Night and Super Hero Night were great highlights and campers will forever have memories of humongous turkey legs and human bowling.  Base Camp - it up!

Girls Horse Camp seems to get better and better each year!  Our new Horsemanship Director, Jamie Anderson (Indiana), came on board with us in the spring of this year and took on the program head on.  She embraced Horse Camp as her own and lead the counselors and campers enthusiastically.  This year's theme was Get Real.  The campers learned how to be authentic and real with every aspect of their liv
es from their friends to their personal prayer life.  Also, this year we added Quadrille to the horse lessons. The girls learned to ride in different formations together to music (not an easy skill!).  This was a hit for the parents during our Showdeos!

Our Boys Adventure Camp rocked this year!  With Diesel, Colorado, and Waterbear leading, the boys learned what it meant to be Rooted in Christ.  From studying the soil to the fruit they produce, the boys grew to know God on a more intimate level.  A survival lesson that was added this year was Land Navigation.  By using a compass and a map, the boys worked together for find specific points on Palomar Mountain. Another highlight for Adventure Camp was the end of the week Pizza-Pool Party-FLYING SQUIRREL Night!  It's always hard saying goodbye to the boys, but it always makes it better when they come back again!

The Lord has been faithful to provide Palomar with campers and a great staff!  Thank you for your continual prayers and support.  Palomar Christian Conference Center is YOUR camp!

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