Sunday, August 17, 2014

Palomar Adventure Camp 2014

        This was a great year!  I had the pleasure of spending the summer with two amazing men of God (my counselors) and many campers of all backgrounds, some of whom already made the decision to follow Christ and a few who would make it before their week was done.  I am once again reminded of how much I love the outdoors and the many many ways it points to our Savior.  That when given the opportunity and the time, the outdoors is one of the greatest places to come to know and understand the Gospel.  Of the many skills I have been allowed to learn and teach, sharing Truth is still my greatest joy!  I get to learn what the kids have been facing at home and school and it's always a struggle to let them go at the end of the week, but I know they will be lights in the darkness.  Our goal and desire is to not only teach outdoor survival skills but to equip them with the Truth to be young men of God.  I try to teach and treat them as the young men they are going to be!

I had a GREAT summer and I am constantly thankful and blown away that Christ allows me to do this!    -Diesel (Francisco)

Adventure Camp is a week long (Sunday-Saturday) summer camp for boys (ages 11-17) at Palomar Christian Conference Center. Each summer we have 5 weeks of camp. The staff love the Lord, love being outdoors teaching about God's creation and the survival skills to live off the land, and love teaching about God's Truth. If you want more information or would like to sign your son up for this amazing life-changing week of camp, visit our website

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